Long story short...

"One of us is hot & sexy, one of us is drunk & lazy, one of us is batshit crazy and one of us is a robot." Folkadelia at its finest!

Long story long...

Called "Folkadelic" by most of us, Nasty Bingo's sound fuses folk, rock, blues, pop, country, gospel and a bunch of other stuff to create a very unique and accessible sound in the Dayton, Ohio area. Our original music blends all of the above with improvised portions and pop hooks that you will instantly fall in love with. Going strong since 2006!

Matt Byanski - vocals, harmonica, kazoo

Brian "Red" Baumgardner - guitar, banjo

Ron White - bass guitar

Steve Phelps - drums, percussion, ukulele, guitar, vocals

Scot Givens - keyboards

Brian Spirk - mandolin

Khrys Blank - vocals, percussion

Erich Reith - percussion





Nasty Bingo's latest video is for Begin, a song from their latest album Take to Air.


The following two videos are from the Wagner Subaru Outdoor Experience October 5,2019.

This next video is a live performance from the Blues show, Yellow Gets Blue at the Yellow Cab Tavern on November 13, 2018.





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