Long story short...

"One of us is hot & sexy, one of us is drunk & lazy, one of us is batshit crazy and one of us is a robot." Folkadelia at its finest!

Long story long...

Called "Folkadelic" by most of us, Nasty Bingo's sound fuses folk, rock, blues, pop, country, gospel and a bunch of other stuff to create a very unique and accessible sound in the Dayton, Ohio area. Our original music blends all of the above with improvised portions and pop hooks that you will instantly fall in love with. Going strong since 2006!


Matt Byanski - vocals, harmonica, kazoo

Brian "Red" Baumgardner - guitar, banjo

Ron White - bass guitar

Steve Phelps - drums, percussion, ukulele, guitar, vocals

Scot Givens - keyboards

Brian Spirk - mandolin

Khrys Blank - vocals, percussion

Erich Reith - percussion




Here's what you will get when you hire Nasty Bingo to entertain your clientele:

Over 100 years combined experience! With ages ranging from 30's to 50's, you can be confident that NB knows how to play a room.

Very accessible, non-abrasive sound. Our choice of covers and our original songs appeal to people from all walks of life. We don't play the heavy stuff that will make you thrash your head off, but we are not afraid to rub a little "stank" on it. It's all about balance.

Beautiful vocal harmonies. When we listen to other local and regional bands, we notice one thing most of them lack: vocal harmony. Nasty Bingo incorporates two, three and sometimes four-part harmonies in its vocal lines. We work hard to sound great.

High-quality, professional original music. We know how to write a hook. This might sound silly to brag about, but many local original bands don't understand this important song writing technique. When you hear one of our songs, you might not even know it's an original.

Covers that sound original. We tend to play popular covers that you might not hear on the radio every day, including iconic rock, blues and soul songs, and some lesser known gems that don't always get the air time they deserve. It's always a nice surprise to hear a live performance of an old favorite you haven't heard for awhile.

We also do something we refer to as "Bingoizing" a cover. Since Nasty Bingo has its own style, we apply that to all of the covers we perform. It's like adding our own NB flavor to spice up a song and give it a spin you might not expect.

Sample stage plot for Nasty Bingo:

Nasty Bingo Pricing:

*All pricing is negotiable. Please feel free to contact us to let us know what your budget allows, and we will work within it as best we can. Benefit shows for charitable causes are always done at no charge as long as we can fit them into our schedule.



PA & Sound Provided by Venue


PA & Sound Provided by Nasty Bingo


1st Hour..........................$400.00
1st Hour..........................$600.00

Each Additional Hour.......$100.00


Each Additional Hour.......$100.00


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